The First Five


On Saturday, Erin and I will be celebrating our Five Year Anniversary! It’s amazing to think we’ve been married for five years. She is still the love of my life, my partner, my greatest friend.
As a treat to ourselves, we will be having dinner at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.
I love you Erin.


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  1. Happy Anniversary my friends. I am so glad God brought you to share this time in your journey with those of us in Washington. You are a blessing.

    I am interested to hear how Josh does at the Needle now that he has “conquered” his fear of heights. Relax and enjoy the fare Josh, even if you can’t look out the window!

  2. So five years ago you got me as a sister…lucky you…. two weeks from now you will have another brother…woot…hehe….cant wait to see you guys in a little over a week..woot…hehe…

  3. 5 years! OH MY GOSH! It flew by…we were just at your wedding… waving goodbye…sad that the party was ending…and inviting everyone over to our house for a midnight swim…WOW! Congratulations you two…we love you…we celebrate with you…way to go!

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