it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…


Erin has now transitioned and become {insert: super hero theme music} “Super Pregnant Woman”! Ever since her becoming pregnant, all of her senses are extremely heightened. It’s pretty freaky. Scary, if you will. I guess that is supposed to happen to pregnant women, but this is off the scales. Let me run you through them:
Hearing: She can watch tv on volume level 2 and be ok.
Smell: Don’t get me started on this one. Let’s put it this way…smells she likes: eucalyptus and lavender. Smells she hates: Josh, Zump, and everything else.
Touch: Some of you may know, but she’s always been a very tactile person. Now it’s just magnified 100 times.
Taste: When it’s good, it goes down. When it’s bad, it comes back up. 🙂
Sight: She can practically see through walls.

I’m going to keep an eye out tonight to see if she can fly too. I’ll keep you posted……


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  1. Josh, you are a funny man. I love you guys!!
    Erin baby, hang in there. You certainly super pregnant woman. You are pretty super unpregnant woman also.

    Love you!!

  2. Hey We need a prego picture so we can see how little this cutie wife is while on the road to mommyhood!! And Josh, get used to the senses …some never go away. How do you think moms know what happens in another room and see behind them!!

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