Abby’s First Mariner Game


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  1. fabulous recap of the evening….Abby certainly enjoyed each moment..! simply captivated by the whole thing!

    Maybe the Mariner’s product line could come up with either PINK caps or MARINER HEAD BANDS!!

    As adorable as could be and loved loved the narration and music in background!….HOW FUN WAS THAT????

    I wish we could have been there to share in it!

    Love and so much fun viewing this special day!

    Grandma Williams

  2. Josh and Erin,
    We are so much enjoying all of your wonderful escapades since Abby’s birth! Frank and I LOVED the Mariner’s game footage–lucky girl got to sleep through the whole game! You guys do such a great job with these videos–what a great way for us all to keep up with your beautiful daughter! Thanks for sharing. We love you and can’t wait to meet our new grand-neice!

  3. Abby is so precious! I don’t care what other people say…She totally looked like a sweet little baby girl. Thank you for posting these videos – Josh and I miss you guys tons and this is a great way to see how you’re doing! 😀

  4. Dear Josh and Erin,
    I have shown all of Abby’s picture and videos to co-workers who have all commented that she is ALWAYS smiling. I think she’s as cute as a bug’s ear. I so enjoy the photos.
    Love Dad and Grandpa

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