phoenix phun


Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

We started out our recent vacation by stopping in Phoenix to visits some dear friends and family. We got to spend time with the Shrader family, whom we have known FOREVER, and who have been a huge part of our lives for a long time. Hal, Chrisie, Mollie, and Madison were living in Chile when we moved to Washington, so it has been a long time since we have spent time with them, and we had a blast.

My Aunt Verla and Uncle Scott also live in Phoenix, so Abby and I got to enjoy a day with them. This was the first time Abby has met her Great Aunt and Uncle, and unfortunately she had a cold that day, so she wasn’t her cheery self. Still, our time was very special and we are hoping to see them again in the fall. 

Just wish we could bottle up all the people we love and carry them around with us…


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  1. My friend and neighbor is going to WA this weekend for a camping trip with his friends. I actually just asked him last night if there was anyway Noah and I could fit into his suitcase because I was dying to see my WA friends. But if you can fit into a bottle maybe he could bring you to GA!!!!!

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