one person’s trash


This last weekend, our dear friends and neighbors held a garage sale…or rather, a moving sale (I will have to post more on that…sob…later…sob). Their driveway was packed with stuff…and tons of people.  At times, our little cul de sac had a dozen or so cars in it…all people looking for a bargain. The girls let us bring over what we had, and in my haste, all I found was 6 bags full of clothes that were going to Goodwill (in due time 🙂 ).  Well, all that work cleaning out our closet one cold winter day was well worth it. When we cashed out, we had enough money for 18 Grande Extra-Hot No-Whip Peppermint Mochas! What a wonderful gift.


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  1. so that is the system whereby profits are recorded, eh? Okay….

    so, what is that in PASSION TEA NO SWEETENER VENTE’ dollars????

    Sad about your neighbors leaving…I am sad also!


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