class reunion


Say what you will about MySpace, but you can’t deny that it has connected people in ways like never before. A million years ago (more like 15), my dad was stationed in New Orleans. So we lived in Gretna, LA during my middle school years, which is where I also attended Helen Cox Junior High School. While there, I met my closest friend during that whole period of my life…Annie.

Well, sometime in the last couple of years, Annie became my “friend” on MySpace.  After chatting a bit online, we came to realize that her job had brought her to Seattle.  Oh my goodness…I had to see her!!! Who gets a chance to connect with their middle school classmates after so many years? The last time I had seen her was when she threw me a going away party, the summer of 1994.

This friend was kind enough to meet me and Abby a little closer to our area, where we got to chat over coffee (which we never drank in middle school), about jobs and marriage (again, not something you think of too much in you pre-teens), while pushing a stroller with my child in it!!! Crazy!

Here is a picture of me and my buddy as 7th graders at our school’s Halloween Ball (there are no dances in the Big Easy).

Here’s a picture of us…all grown up…


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  1. OMG! Erin that is so cool. Of course, the picture of you in Jr. High made me a little teary.
    I love you, you are such a clever blogger.
    Much, much love, Momma

  2. Hey Erin, is it just me, or is there a very strong resemblance between you in Jr. High and our darling Josh Kuest? Crazy…! What a cutie you were (and are of course!)

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