mall monday


During the winter, we went to the mall A LOT.  This was where we hung out when Abby was brand new to our family, and where we went when we were dreaming about meeting her. Now that the sun’s out, we haven’t been in a while, but that is where we spent our last family day, and we just loved it. Our little social butterfly just loved being around all the people, and got to make eyes at a lot of strangers. Her mom and dad got to hold hands, drink coffee, and wheel around the cutest baby in the mall (at the SAME time, amazing). Abby also got her first balloon from the nice lady at Nordstrom. She loved holding it…then batting it around…then trying to eat it.  It was a wonderful time.


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  1. I get the overwhelming feeling that Abigail may just love going to the mall…and possibly shopping a bit along the way!

    That would be an awesome thing..for this grandma anyway!

    Maybe, when the time is right..we can stop by and have a mani/pedi ????

    Very nice that Nordstrom gives balloons..very clever store, for sure!.

    Thanks for the tour! xoxoxo

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