shower baby


Note to self…bridal showers aren’t too much fun with a baby.  Now, that’s not to say that Abby didn’t have fun on Crystal’s special day…

(Thanks Dianne for the wonderful pictures…again!!!)


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  1. Erin and Joshie…can we hire Dianne to be part of our family??? and to follow Abby around all day?

    OMGOSH! These pictures are so darn adorable! and, I love the outfit! I am counting the hours until I can see her in person.

    Thank you for the post!..IT IS WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!


  2. dianne loves seeing them bring so much joy. now you can all pray with me that the Lord will bring a good digital camera back into my life so i can continue… i was SO sad not to have it at abby’s wonderful party last night … ohhh, the cake, the frosting, the fingers, the handfuls! 🙂 priceless.

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