I was a college student when I was dating and getting ready to marry Josh. I couldn’t focus to save my life at that time. All I could think about was him, and what the world was going to be like with him as a part of my every day. I still have a hard time not thinking about him when we’re away from each other.

I am a college student again. And there’s this new little person to add to my focus issue. I am sitting at my computer, logged on to my class, trying to write an essay on crime and gun control, and all I want to do is hold my sleeping baby. It doesn’t help that there is a picture of her on my desk…or that I am listening to a Baby Praise album on my iTunes…all while hearing her make adorable noises in her sleep through the monitor.

Almost ten years ago, I was dreaming about a future with Josh. I longed to know what that would be like, and couldn’t have dreamed it would be this amazing. Well, now our "future" is laying quietly in her crib. How is a mommy to get any work done while her dream is dreaming away just a room away?


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  1. I applaud your efforts to get your degree with also having your family to care for and love.

    This is an “uphill” time for young families to better their future and the future of their young ones…Abigail will learn a great lesson from you on this…and Joshua supporting your efforts.

    In my opinion, I don’t know how anyone could TOTALLY FOCUS and still care for their loved I say, KUDOS TO YOU, MRS. WILLIAMS AND GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA…oh, sorry..i have heard that so much lately i got carried away……
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo G.Dell

  2. I cannot say anything that Grandma Adelaide has not already said except that I’m proud of you baby, and I envy your determination. I love you!!
    PS Abby is blessed to have parents like you

  3. What an amazing commitment you have made to yourself and your family, Erin. Keep up the great work–we’re so proud of you all!!!

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