one tree and the psl


I loved Autumn in Southern California . . . complete with its Santa Ana’s and record highs. I especially loved Fall when I was a preschool teacher. One of the unique challenges of teaching So. Cal preschoolers about the weather is that there is no real distinction between the seasons. No Winter snow and not too many Spring showers. Autumn would have been a real challenge, had it not been for this one tree that stood in the middle of our playground. I couldn’t tell you what kind of tree is was, but that tree allowed me to explain seasons . . . creation . . . life . . . death . . . and salvation to a captive audience of 4 year olds. I remember staring at the tree from the classroom, while the kids were sleeping, just in awe of creation and the cycle of life. That tree, coupled with the smell of Crayons made me fall in love with Fall.

So, when my staff left a "Fall" mug on my desk for my first boss’s day while I was directing, my heart was filled…and it wasn’t too long before my mug was filled as well . . . with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (psl), of course 🙂 .

I am convinced that my love for the distinct orange drink stems from fond memories of writing out names on cubbies, cutting out laminated posters and borders, wax paper and melted crayon art in the window, and gathering leaves from one tree that taught me lessons about change, life, and God.


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  1. I love fall too. Brian and I went to Starbucks this morning and I got a psl and a pumpkin scone….YUM! I love baking Pumpkin bread during the fall too. Brian won’t eat it unless it is the fall season—weirdo. Anyway, I love the smell of fall—even in SoCal. Yay for fall!

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