birthday boy


Today is Josh’s birthday. So far, the day has been wonderful. Josh is wearing his gift in this first picture . . . just in time for football season. Then we headed out to visit Gasworks Park for the first time. It’s a beautiful landmark, with a beautiful view of what is becoming our favorite city. After a picnic in the park, lots of “walk-walking”, and some “bike” riding, we headed to Ballard for a birthday treat for Josh (and Erin and Abby) at Cupcake Royale, where we ran into our good friends, Ken and Brenda. Tonight? Monday Night Football for my man. Happy Birthday Honey!!!


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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of the cupcake from Cupcake Royale. They are sooo good.

    Sound like a great way to spend your birthday Josh. Happy b-day from the Schills

  2. There’s a park for everything there. Hope you had a happy birthday Josh. By the number of smiles, I can tell that you did.
    Go Packers!!!!
    Love, Mom & Dad Downing

  3. What a great city in which to be a young family! And it doesn’t look like you’re missing a thing! Keep enjoying life, kids! We love you all!

  4. Oh My goodness….such a great wonderfully sunny day for the Birthday Man!….I so enjoyed sneaking a peak at your day, Josh, with all of your sweet and active pictures!.

    Happy you got your football jersey! Way to go, Erin!…AND of course, Abby!…I could have eaten her in that adorable top!..and the pink tennies!….wow!….cannot top a day with your beautiful family on a beautiful day!.

    Lots of love Son….You deserve every bit of happiness xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Ok so this is off your blog topic but I must say you made me laugh today. Carlos always says that he was a barista and I always make fun of him. I tell him just to say he worked at a coffee shop, he then gets all mad and goes into why he did not just work at a coffee shop. You are the first I have heard to say barista. 🙂 H

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