separation anxiety


Abby’s latest developmental milestone? Separation anxiety. Not a fave, personally. And honestly, don’t know who’s more anxious . . . the baby or her parents. For the most part, it makes its appearance around nap and bedtime (joy) and takes the form of screaming bloody murder (double joy). And then when she adds a "Momma Momma", well, just break my heart then stomp on it, will ya? 


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  1. Oh, that’s one blog, I should have missed…It makes me so sad …but I remember that time also..It is the “transition” time for some tots when they shorten their naps or delete them all together!

    but, they need their rest for sure! Maybe that would be a good time for the PSL! double please..with a shot of vodka, please sir! thank you kindly..AMEN!..

    Hang in there, sweet people….I feel your pain!


  2. Wow, Abby sure has you by the coat tails, doesn’t she? I loved your comment on my blog. I could picture her sitting there screaming just because you had left the room…it made me laugh.


  3. We are going through the separation thing, it happens when I have to leave Luke for work or school, and it is horrible and heartbreaking, hang in there!

  4. Not so sure it was that make carolyn laugh so hard.

    Maybe I am square and old, but my gdd screaming is not as humorous to me.

    Sorry if I speak out of turn…Just sorry…don’t mean to be mean…it’s just different when you are a grandma…

    all the best
    Abby’s Granny Dell…

  5. SO true. When Lucy started saying “Mama” I thought it was so cute…until it doubled the guilt I felt when she could cry for me by name. Hang in there!

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