one rickety old merry-go-round


A couple weeks ago, we spent some time on our family day at the Country Village. This is a local collection of shops, antique stores, restaurants, and artisans that, at one time, was the place to shop. I love the Village, with some great stores (one of which I worked at for a short time), but there are certain areas that are in need of some TLC. We found one very vintage (aka broken) merry-go-round in the shopping center and plopped Abby on the back of one of its metanimals. Only when we started to push, and just after our daughter got a taste of, what she thought was, the greatest ride in the world, did we start to hear the squeal. This rickety old toy made more noise than the tiny train and roosters that roam around the parking lot, combined. The only thing that would make it stop was to go faster. So we did. Josh and I took turns, running this thing as fast as we could, all the while turning green and trying not to trip over ourselves. What was Abby doing? You guessed it . . . WEE!!! She was beside herself with delight, and when we had both had enough of the spinning, we got to experience Abby’s first real "I can’t believe you just took that away from me" temper tantrum. Maybe next time we’ll just hop on the the train.



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  1. Did I miss this little treasure when I was there?? Oh, so special…and, I can understand the “rant” having to get off!…But,

    ABBY..Lesson #one:


    so adorable as usual, her expressions of GLEE and WEE…that her parents once again have made her soooo happy…! Just Imagine when and IF she ever visits DISNEYLAND?? She will hide in some castle and never come out!

    p.s. I want to be there if possible on the FIRST D-LAND adventure, please??


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