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Josh is spending the week in California with his family. His grandma hasn’t been feeling too well and has been in and out of doctor’s appointments for months, so he made sure to bring his laptop so Abby and I could also "visit" with her on his trip.

We have been "Skyping" with our families since we moved up here, and Abby really has bonded with her grandparents over the months. Here’s what Josh, Grandma Dell and Great Grandma Yolly saw on their end this morning:

This is a GREAT way to stay connected. All you need is a fast internet connection . . . and a laptop is always very handy.


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  1. Thrilling it is, Jax Pa and Gi! cannot seem to get enough of this “web cam” thing! It is especially awesome when Abigail sees her Daddy, and opens up for a kiss on the computer screen!

    one of those defining moments for sure!

    Thank you so much Erin, for “sharing” hubby Josh and let me tell you, he misses and loves you both very much!

    G. Dell

    P.S. Great Grandma Yolly is in heaven with both grandsons “doting” over her!…Thank you again, sweetie!…We love you, Erin!

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