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In my quest to find wintertime activities for me and Abby, we visited The Little Gym just to see what their infant and parent class was like. We were originally scheduled to check it out last week, but Abby was not feeling too good. This week, I’m feeling pretty crummy, but I decided to keep my appointment since we have both been a little stir crazy in the house (yup, its cold and rainy outside). As sick as I am feeling, our trip was well worth it.

As is my ritual, I let Abby know what the plan was for the day, and thought we had an agreement . . . she would take a great morning nap, and I would take her to a fun new place. Well, of course, she didn’t hold up her end of the bargain. So, literally one minute after she fell asleep in her carseat, we arrived at our destination. But it didn’t matter. While devoid of sleep, she had the time of her life.

We showed up just after class had begun, and sat down in a circle of a dozen or so moms and/or dads and their little 10-18 month olds. The first portion of the class was to be devoted to parent/baby interaction. The babies (or "Birds") were to stay with their parent, and play games with them. (Find their toes, clap their hands, let mommy or daddy lift them high in the sky, etc.) Well, not 30 seconds after we sat on the mat, my little socialite was halfway across the circle, talking to another baby, and trying to sit in someone else’s lap. Each time I tried to bring her back to me, she would head off again, talking and army crawling to the next person.

When I finally did lasso her back to me, the instructor gave us directions on how to do this one exercise where were were to rock onto our back while baby was on our tummies. In my haste (and already not feeling good) I rocked back and . . . crack. I popped something, I think my hip, out of place and couldn’t get back up. Abby saw this as her chance to get away from her un-cool mom and crawled away . . . without looking back. After I recovered from that, the instructor had to finish the routine with Abby cause I was too out of shape to exercise with my baby. I’m not even fit enough to work out at The Little Gym. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

So, after that embarrassing portion, the kids were allowed to roam the gym. Abby was all over the parallel bars apparatus, and loved crawling all over the cushy floor. She had no interest in hanging on the bar or being on the balance beam, but just wanted to "walkie" all over the room. It was pretty cute.

The last portion of the morning, we all gathered together for some time to play with balls, bubbles, and a parachute. If I were to guess, this was Abby’s favorite part. All the babies sat on the parachute, and played with these great, grip-able balls, while music was playing. Abby loves her music, and her Daddy taught her how to throw, so she was dancing and throwing balls all over the place. Then, the teacher brought out the bubbles. Of course, this was a hit with all the Birds. Abby was most interested in the bubbles that fell on the floor, so she went around saying "bubbo" and popping all of the lingering floor bubbles. What she didn’t know was that one landed on her head, and stayed there for a good five minutes. That, and seeing the joy smeared across her little face, made Mommy forget about her injured pelvis . . . and ego.


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  1. Erin, what a great “read”! You do such a great job in writing…that I could actually envision every step of your “day out”..!

    You are so funny….with injured pelvis and ego! OMGOSH, I think all moms can relate to this egobuster!

    So what you are telling us is that Abby was everywhere but with MAMA…such a “socsh”..!

    WOnderful story and hope that little “bird” can continue to mix, mingle and motivate!

    G. Dell

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