green lake


For today’s family outing, we took our first trip to Green Lake in Seattle. We have wanted to visit the lake for a long time now, but have only gotten as far as coffee at Zoka, and our favorite (and only) organic doughnut shop, Mighty O. It was a gorgeous Fall day, so we decided to walk the whole  2.8 mile track. There were lots of dogs, ducks, and babes-in-strollers, so Abby had a blast . . . despite her recent decision to boycott napping.

Josh and Abby enjoyed feeding the ducks (or "duckies"). . .

 . . . then they stopped (oops).

We weren’t surprised to find one of these on the trail. Smart vendor . . .

We pulled over for a potty and picture break. I was overjoyed to find the the public restrooms on the trail had diaper changing tables (we didn’t need them at the time, but I’m storing that one away for the future).

After our brisk walk around the lake, we needed to work off whatever health benefits we had just gained, and headed to . . .

Dick’s is a Seattle favorite (which many compare to In-N-Out . . . no comparison, sorry). There is no seating anywhere, so we had a little picnic.

Till the next family day . . .


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  1. Looked like such a wonderful fall day!…brisk but sunny…PERFECT!

    I love how you guys manage to find the best “eateries” wherever you venture out to…

    So much fun….Of course, Abby is all smiles having a fun day with BOTH of her wonderful parents!

    thanks for sharing as always..>LOVE IT! xo
    g. dell

  2. you found my favorite place!! i first wandered the shores of green lake when i was abby’s age, with my grandma dagmar. she lived six blocks away and we walked there together all the time. both of us wearing a babushkas on our heads. feeding the ducks from a bag of old bread crusts grandma had saved for me in a wonder bread bag (actually it was probably the greatx14 granddaddy ducks to the ones you fed today!) and we usually ate spuds fish-n-chips and when i was about 3 i first had my hand held by a boy on the north shore of green lake. he might have been 4 but i’m not sure. 🙂 how’s THAT for history?

  3. Sure have a lot of lakes up there.
    How wonderful that you guys have places to go for your family outings.
    Love you, and miss you

  4. What fabulous family pictures! I love times like that when you can just get some precious time to enjoy one another! I am a bit jealous though…half of our restaurants don’t even have changing tables…much less our parks and trails!

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  6. Such wonderful pictures! I love Green Lake! Dick’s burgers are a great greasy treat, always hits the spot when you are looking for…well, a good greasy burger 🙂 and we do stop when we are in the neighborhood of one. However, being someone who has only heard of the wonders of In-N-Out and have nothing to compare, I hope that their burgers are so much more than Dick’s burgers are 🙂
    Have a great day!

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  8. I love Green Lake, and I LOVE DUCKS! My mom has a children’s book about mallards that I keep meaning to steal but she would know it’s me because I am fascinated by mallards. Looks like Abbidoo had such a good time. I’m so jealous!

  9. Green lake was one of the places I never got to visit while we were in WA. I wish I had made it there. You are making me miss WA with your post. 😦

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