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I was so inspired by how beautiful Green Lake was the other day, I felt like I needed to create something. I am NOT an artist, but I love playing around with arts and crafts. So the other night, I pulled out an empty scrapbook that was given to me when Abby was born. I suppose, as far as scrapbooks go, this was a nice one. But I really wouldn’t know . . . I’ve never made one. This is odd since I was the teenager who used to walk around Michael’s for fun, just to look at all the craft supplies and smell the eucalyptus and cinnamon. I have never ventured into the world of scrapbooking, and after a few evenings ago, I don’t think I ever will.

As I sat down at the table, staring at the blank pages, all set to go with my fancy mini-cropper (a gift) and pretty paper, I was completely paralyzed by the thought of having to narrow my first child’s first year to 30 or so pictures. I like taking and keeping (and sharing) lots and lots of pictures, and a scrapbook only allows you to display a few pictures a page. I’ve been bit with the blogging bug.

A blog is without limits. I can place any amount of whatever I want in any order, color, fashion that I want . . . and I don’t have to worry about having to dust it off before I show it to friends and family.

How do you keep memories? Do you scrapbook, collage, blog? I would love to hear your preference.


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  1. Hi Erin!
    I enjoyed your blog entry. I do scrapbook….I have been doing so for 5 years now.
    I do have strong feelings about your question. You are right in that on the computer, you can share tons and tons of photos, etc. It IS limitless!
    However, I believe that when our great grandchildren are wanting to know their family history, a scrapbook filled with photos, memorabilia, and journalling with a mother’s love in a mother’s handwriting….there is nothing like that.
    I write in my scrapbooks “to” my children. For example, instead of “Easter, 1999,” I write, “Gary, look how handsome you look in your Easter suit, 1999.” It’s my LOVE passed down…written in my handwriting…TO them.
    I also believe that when I am a grandmother, I will want to sit down with my grandchildren and look through our family albums together…..I don’t think it would be so “endearing” to sit down “together” at a computer screen.
    As far as “choosing” the photos….only choose the best. I don’t think that anyone is going to want or have the time or interest to look at thousands of photos. Just the BEST. That is what I do.
    Gosh, I kind of rambled on here. I am a consultant for a company called Creative Memories. Have you heard of us? I am a full time teacher and I do this to supplement my family income. My website is If I can help you in any way, I would be honored to.. God bless, Mary

  2. Hi Mary . . .thanks for reading and writing.

    I LOVE the idea of passing on a book of memories to my children. Ask my mom, I am the sentimental child that demanded seeing her mother’s and grandmother’s wedding album over and over again. But, I really am challenged by the task of picking the best. I have seen some amazing scrapbooks, put together by some incredible mommies and women…I just don’t think that will be MY avenue of transferring memories. I keep this blog, mostly to communicate to our families what our days look like, but it has shown itself to be a wonderful way for me to express the emotions, and shear joy, I often feel as a parent. I am actually processing a way to create hard copies of many of these posts. Additionally, I keep boxes of memorabilia (cards, plane tickets, craft projects, baby bracelets, etc.), that have actually been decoupaged with family photos. This is how this pack-rat plans on passing down memories.

    BTW-I LOVE the Creative Memories products, but for my friends and relatives who are recording their life in that way. For me, I can more adequately express my mommy emotions through this blog.

    Now, when the Creative Memories company begins developing blog layouts, I might really start paying attention. They have some wonderful designers who create some incredibly clean and pleasant work, and my blog could use a little work.

    Have a good evening!

  3. Just a comment from a Novice….but in MY DAY..scrapbooking was all we had..and not even with the fancy paste ons, they have now..just a regular book with celophane sticky paper to secure it….

    They are all in my guest room closet waiting to give to my sons when they want them.

    BUT, AS a grandparent, I LOVE LOVE and look so forward to the BLOGS each and every day as a daily look into the life currently taking place.

    so, there is a place for both of the, I believe.
    One to pass down and one to keep up with on a daily basis…and VIDEO BLOGGING is the best, at least in my opinion.

    G.Dell xo

  4. I have tons of scrapbooking supplies, and have yet to lay a single page. I occasionally feel up to making a card or two, but it helps if I had a crush on the recipient. I think that the best way that you can share your memories is the way that you are most comfortable in. And in both our cases (you more regular than me), blogs work wonders. Plus, I found an awesome bookbinder who I plan to have bind up a blog or two as future gifts…just a thought that I’m willing to share.

  5. G. Dell…you know I have been coveting those scrapbooks since I met your oldest? Now, that’s how a scrapbook should look. I love the clippings, the tickets, the head shots, and other memory goodness.

    But…those are memories of your baby boy. At what point do you say, “Well, here’s my memories…they’re all yours”. I dunno, I know those books that are tucked away are so special to you. BUT…just like I hound my own mom for pictures of me and my family, I would love whatever pics you want to send my way.

    -Your photo hungry daughter-in-love 🙂

  6. Right back at you! Linked as well. By the way, you should come visit me at Starbucks in a couple weeks…we can coordinate it at the same time as a sample sale if you are interested….

  7. ERin Dearest….

    You have made an excellent point! How funny that I have not seen the fact that I have not passed them down yet!…so sorry…

    OMGOSH…kind of embarrassing, eh?

    I guess it is harder than I thought to let go of them…but the whole idea was to pass it down to my boys when they were married and had children of their own….

    so….hmmmmmmmmm……or maybe it was like when they had more than one child! hahaha…

    Yeah, that was it…that’s the ticket….!

    I will seriously be in touch with you about that very soon…thanks for bringing that to my attention….honestly…I deserved that one!

    that’s what I get for answering every single blog! ha ha

    G. Dell xoxo

  8. Goodness,
    I understand this! I gave my 25 year old an album for his birthday…..but kept it!!! I took it back home with me….lol It’s his life story….from age 4 through 12. I get so much joy out of looking at it! It will probably get passed on to him when I die…..not before! But grandkids will be able to come over and look at it, that is for sure.
    The neat thing about the blogs, though, is that if you are faithful with them, it’s your own life story….and it gets printed….that in itself is a great gift for your children. Same kind of thing. I wish all you nice people a fabulous day.
    Blessed by you,

  9. I put all my pictures in a big wooden crate and take them out 30 years later to put in photo albums (with a lot of help from my daughter, Sharon).
    Proud of you babe

  10. lol true story on that one Sonja…this is what you do…you pick up both scrapbooking and crocheting…. buy lots of rolls of yarn I mean like 30…and tons of scrapbooking stuff…you go to target and print up about 80 bucks worth of wedding and honeymoon pictures….and then when you get home you put them in the closet and watch TV for five years….oh wait that is what I did….crap….Ok i got it you move back down to California and you and your little sister can have scrapbooking parties and drink peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes and talk about starbucks…sounds like a plan to me….Or you help your mother organize pictures from the past 60 years and and find as many embarrassing pictures of your relatives and embarrass the heck out of them when you see them or find the biggest hair picture of your mother and show all of her friends….oh i love the lack of a life I have….

    Miss you

  11. Ok, we seem to be having a lot of fun with this interactive post. I’ll have to ask for your opinions more often. Thank you all. 🙂 (Oh, and Sharon, I love you Sis. And you’re not the only one who starts projects and sits on your hiney thinking about finishing them.)

  12. did I say anything about thinking about finishing them….nah I just forget about them until wes says sharon what r u going to do with all of this yarn…

  13. oh Erin. I love love all the pictures and the videos. Wow! I can’t beleive how big Abby is looking and how much she is talking! Time flies so quickly, but you aren’t missing a moment of it on your blog. I love it.

  14. Okay, you had me and then you lost me…HAIR??

    Andy, what do you think of all of this:

    scrapbooking or blogging….?

    JOshia: and YOU? Hello, fellas are you there?

    Al? Dean??


    I tried..

  15. I am a diehard scrapbooker. I started at a mommy & me class 12 yrs ago and it is has continued to be my passion and creative outlet. I love to write to my boys in the books. so that when I’m gone, they will not only see what they did, but everything I felt about them. I “journal” from my heart and not just the facts. They very frequently sit for hours looking through the scrapbooks over & over again. Now I need to remember to let them go and turn them over at some point:-) Maybe I will color copy them for myself! The blog is great though and something you will have forever. Erin, you take beautiful photos. so I know your scrapbooks would be beautiful!!

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