toddler tunes


Here is some of our favorite music to listen to with Abby right now…

Bless My Little Girl

A friend gave this to us as a shower gift, long before we knew Abby, and we have been listening to it from day one. There is also a Baby Boy version of the album, as well. Abby especially loves . . . "Itty-Bitty Baby Girl", "Drip Drop", and Lullaby Baby-O" (which mom sings to her every night and naptime).

Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George 

There is no one that cheers us all up like Jack Johnson. This is an album that mom and dad will listen to, with or without Abby.                                                         

The Praise Baby Collection: Praises and Smiles

Darby and Jack gave us this one and we are loving it! Its got some really old stuff on it (old Crystal Lewis and Amy Grant…even Shout to the Lord), but its really well done for being a "baby" cd. I am thinking of looking into the whole collection.


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  1. WHAT?????? No Amy Whinehouse ? or Metallica…..

    SERIOUSLY, beautiful songs, especially if the mom, who sings like an angel,sings her to sleep with one of them! When I was there and tried the “singing thing with her head on my shoulder and pacifier”..she kept waking up said..STOP, YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME!” WHERE ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH IS MY MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    SIGNED: a very sad “G. Dell”..

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