more questions


There are some things in life that leave you asking more questions than anyone is capable of answering. While our little girl was taking her first steps, the child of some close friends took his life.

We are hurting for them, and left with so many questions and frustrations about humanity, sin, the mind’s abilities, and the huge, huge need for redemption in this world.

Please, be praying for this family that has been a constant source of laughter, encouragement, and love for me and Josh, as they process through their loss.


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  1. my heart seems so broken right now.and it is a testament to the quality of people Sue, John and family are. as I have only met them twice…but thee most supremely friendly and kind family I have met in a very long time.

    My prayers, those of my family and church and friends are with you at this difficult time.

    I am sending you a huge hug, Sue…!
    and all of you.

    With love and prayer,

  2. yes, erin ~ i have found myself asking the Lord to redeem even this, somehow, someday … perhaps in that john and sue will find comfort, in time. oh Lord, please hold our dear friends in Your strong arms tonight.

  3. I just finished doing the memory boards for the memorial service tomorrow-or should I say today, since it’s now 2am! I didn’t really KNOW David, I had just met him a few times. Having spent lots of time with his life in pictures, it just leaves so many more questions. How does such a seemingly normal wonderful life go so completely wrong? I wish I would’ve known him. I’m sure he had so many of his parents’ traits and they are the most wonderful, caring, people in the world. I pray that they can process through this incredibly difficult time. There is a whole community that will be there to support and love them. It is just beyond sad…

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