oh the humanity


Abby has decided that a good way to get her parents’ attention is to do away with all her little crib friends. I will often walk into her room, after an unsuccessful attempt at napping, to find a pile of stuffed animal carcasses lying all over her floor. Should I be worried about how she will treat her "big-girl" friends one day? Watch out!


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  1. that’s so funny…Emily does that to me everywhere. If I am putting clothes into the dryer, she is right there throwing them on the floor. If I am picking out an outfit for her to wear, she is standing there throwing clothes on the floor. If I am cooking, she stands in the kitchen and throws the towels on the floor. If we are in playtime, she chucks her toys everywhere!!! Oh well!

    In other news….cute room!

  2. Sorry, ERIn and Josh, but i cannot stop laughing right now!…I know, shame on me…but that picture is worth a zillion words!..

    Abigail, you are a strong person..that will be good someday…just not today, right mom and dad???

    love you all!

    bad grandma dell !

    Oh…but P.S. Did it work??? we need some follow up please!

  3. Too funny! Randomly, my dog does that! He used to load my bed with all his toys and now they are all over the floor. Which I’m okay with because it’s weird to roll over and have a stuffed rooster or monkey squeak….

  4. Landen had a “Jungle room” and Caden had a ‘sea animal” room. They both threw stuffed critter out of their crib, every single day at
    nap time and upon waking in the morning. I always worried that they were going to become those horrible little boys that tortured animals!!

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