pathways update


There are some really exciting things happening with our church community, Pathways, and I wanted to update you all.

1. Our Pathways church services are moving! There is a private high school in the area that we will be renting for our Sunday morning gatherings. This is super exciting as our rent will be less, and there will be a greater capacity for children’s classes.

(When Pathways launched in October of ’05, we were meeting in an elementary school. When we outgrew that, we moved to a middle school. So, its kinda cool that, as we continue to mature as a community, we are moving to higher level schools. Look out U-Dub, we may be invading your space soon!)

2. Pathways has an office. For the last 2+ years, the Pathways staff has made their office in various coffee shops around the area. While there were some wonderful perks to that (no pun intended), like building relationships with  people in the community, and (selfishly) a chance to have Josh often work from home, an office will allow the staff to work and communicate more closely, and offer a consistent mid-week meeting place for volunteers and studies.

3. People are stepping up. Without going into great detail, there are a number of people in the community who are feeling led to take on some significant roles within the church . . . and the whole church is being so blessed by that. With our Associate Pastor (John Chandler) leaving to build a faith community in Austin, and our Children’s Pastor (Cyndee Baldwin) heading off to graduate school, we were left with some pretty big shoes to fill. But, God has provided, and we are praying for his continued provision for the future.

Please continue to pray for direction and vision for the leadership and families of Pathways, and that God be glorified in all things. I look forward to sharing some more about this huge part of our lives in the future.


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