goodbye bearista


This morning, Abby and I got the rare opportunity to visit Josh during his Starbucks shift. We used to do it a lot when Abby was very young (and she was still waking for early morning feedings), when we were a two car family. Since the truck has been sick (dead) we have missed these chances to see Josh, and he has missed the chance to show off his baby at work. So, this morning was a real treat.

Aside from getting to visit Daddy, Abby also spotted the basket full of Starbucks’ Bearista bears, which were dressed for the season in an adorable Jack-O-Lantern costume. Josh and I were going back and forth as to whether or not to get one for Abby, when our friend shared with us that this may be the last Bearista the company would sell. So, that information, coupled with watching Abby snuggle with the "bo", caused us to walk out of the store with a new friend.

When I got home, I had to find out the truth about the Bearistas. My friend at corporate confirmed that Starbucks is pulling these collectibles, which is something I have always looked forward to seeing during the holiday season, for years now. So, get them while there hot. With Starbucks streamlining and trying to get back to their roots, these adorable little bears are getting the ax.


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  1. These little bears are actually some of the cutest ones I have ever seen!…I hope if they go into retirement, there will be a chance to get them out!

    I can see why ABBY had her cute little eyes on it! It is so adorable!

    love you
    g. dell

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