little parrot


Well, its starting. Our little one is beginning to pick up on the things we say, and use them against us.

It started with Zump (our cat). He had been a little anxious over the last couple months and had been picking at this certain rug in Abby’s room. Whenever he began to pick, Josh or I would raise our voice just a notch, and say "No, no" and quite often clap our hands. Well, we finally caught on to his anxiety and purchased a Super Scratcher for him, and the picking of the rug and furniture has stopped (hooray!) However, now when Zump begins to pick at his Super Scratcher, Abby will rush over to him, and yell "Do, do". Just yesterday, she added clapping to her reprimand, which gave me and Josh a great laugh.

Well, that’s all dandy, except now Abby is beginning to say, "do, do" to her mommy and daddy. "Do, do" when she doesn’t want to snuggle, eat what’s in front of her, or have her diaper changed.

Here we go!


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  1. If I am not mistaken, I believe that is Uncle Andy’s hand in Abigails! You lucky person you! ERin and Joshie, could that be cuter with the polka dotted shoes to match???

    OMGOSH…! our little one is growing so fast..Iknow I say that all the time, but to me, she is racing….!

    God Bless!

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