milk mustache


We took this picture the day Abby was born. From then on, our little one has not stopped loving her milk. However, she will not drink it from her cup (she will not drink it with a pup…sorry;-). I suppose I should begin weaning her from the bottle, but Abby’s bottle of milk is my mug of mocha…that one thing that can make me smile, no matter how yucky my day is going. How can I take that from her right now?

How about you? What are those this comfort measures you let your children hold on to, even when all the books told you to start weaning them off?


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  1. For what it’s worth…I agree with Andy! Books are a great guideline; but no one knows your child better than you and/or joshie.


  2. Don’t listen to what the books, or strangers tell you. Listen to your child and your mommy instict. A child’s mother and father know her best. Heck, Tom Cruise’s little girl is STILL photographed with a bottle (at least she was a few months ago….after turning 2 years old). Ava’s thing is her “ABC”s….which is her binki. I have a hard time letting it go, even though she’s two. She will fall asleep in my arms if she has her “ABC” and it’s precious time that I love. They are only young once!

  3. I agree completely! Books are good guidelines but they are not the rules of parenting. No one knows better than you do! Kaeden still keeps his binki (Bob is it’s name) He calls for it when he can’t find it, like it’s his friend! But Kaeden and Abby wont be going to Kindergarden with their binki and bottle in tow. The time will come for her to switch, but there is no need to force it! You, Josh and Abby are the only ones that know when it is really time 🙂
    Oh, and thanks for sharing the picture! It is fantastic!

  4. My way of thinking, as a mother in the (GOd forbid I reveal this…70’s…late 70’s..!) was that we had to go on certain things by the child’s NEEDS or comfort zones. These binky’s or pabby’s, or blankets, etc. were accessible to our kids, neither forced nor denied..however, distracted from them as they got older…AS the saying went then…if they don’t get these things as a youngin’ they crave them as an older person, which comes out in other forms…I hope I do not sound “preachy” or “know it all”…..just sayin’…when they are ready, it will be on their comfort time frame, not ours. AND to prove it, see, Joshie is “31…and Cam is 26” and you don’t seem them with pacifiers or “milk bottles”…KEY word..MILK bottles…haha…see, only took 30 years for their comfort levels to be complete..

    Of course, this is all in jest…but a little truth in the let them do a little guiding until…oh, say…College level?! again, I kid…

    ok, enough from a very ill woman..


  5. I totally agree, Books are not always 100% right, they give guidelines but you need not to follow them always. When it comes to your baby, listen to your instinct as a mother, No one knows it better than you do.

    Your angel is so cute. Congratulations.

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