So, a week or so ago I posted about our trip to the pumpkin patch, and mentioned that our plan was to carve our loot at the end of that adventure. Well, that was sure lofty of us, wasn’t it? To think that we would actually have the stamina for that…ha! Well, we went at our pumpkin last night…

Josh handled the yucky part (thanks Honey!)…

…and I got to do the carving.

As we were working, both of us were getting excited about future Halloweens with little ones, up to their elbows in punkin goo. But for now, it was nice with just the two of us, two cups or coffee, and one heck of a pretty pumpkin!


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  1. You are all so sweet, but I failed to mention that the little kitty was from a stencil. I DID NOT free-hand that. They have these great kits now, with stencils, and great tools. I CANNOT draw to save my life, but I learned that I have mad pumpkin carving skillz!!!

  2. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    It is still hard to free-hand it!….it takes patience and a steady hand…

    so…you get the credit! k? it is adorable!

    Now, get another pumpkin and draw our little “punkin” (Abby)!

    G. Dell

    We are all doing Pumpkin carving tomorrow..I will watch!…and clean up! I am plum out of patience at my age!!!!

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