so blessed


This morning was a busy one for the family and for Pathways. Today, our church community celebrated its 3rd birthday, moved into our new building, and witnessed 5 baptisms. It was a wonderful weekend, and so many people just poured themselves into the morning, and God was glorified.

In addition to all the events of the morning, at one point in the service, the staff and spouses were called up in front of the congregation. Our friend, Karl, shared with us, Andy, and the Kuests, that this month is "Pastor Appreciation Month", and the church family had pitched in to give us all some wonderful gifts. We were all so blown away by the recognition, and were hugely blessed as the congregation came around us and prayed for us and the future of Pathways.

We are incredibly humbled by the gift that we were given. Sometime in the near future, Josh and I will be enjoying a night on the town, with movie tickets and (sigh) dinner at THE premier restaurant in Seattle, Canlis. We have heard so much about this place for so long, and never thought that we would ever get the chance to be a guest there. My only question is (and I know, Dianne, you told me not to worry 😉 ), what am I going to wear? Where’s my Cara when I need her?

Thank you, Pathways family, for such a wonderful gift, and we pray that God continues to grow us as HIS servants in this community. We love you.


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  1. Congratulations, Josh and ERin! What a fabulous recognition for something you just love doing anyway. How thoughtful and generous your members are…I hope the new location brings only more members, and the spirit continues to grow with each passing day.

    The image I saw was a gold box with a white bow.
    Very beautiful gesture and humbling experience for all!

    love and many more exciting days ahead.


  2. A dear friend of mine worked there after culinary school. You are in for something AMAZING according to everything he would talk about! Enjoy the view and the love from everyone!!!

  3. What a wonderful blog. You are so elegant with your words. You know how much I love to here about what is going on in your life.
    Love you baby!!

  4. i am so, so excited for you, josh and erin ~ the canlis experience is something so far beyond simply eating a meal out … the canlis family and staff will welcome you into what has been, for us, almost like a dear cocoon of rest and peace while being treated to the art of creative culinary excellence and warm hospitality. i trust you will find it to be so. and i promise that once inside you will not worry about what you are wearing, dear erin. it’s too much fun. 🙂

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