evergreen state


(Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ll admit, I have been a bit discouraged about how difficult starting a new blog is, and therefore, became angry with blogging in general. Well, I have forgiven my computer and am excited about sharing some cool pictures with you.)

Tonight, Abby and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood. The weather has been unseasonably  GORGEOUS these last few weeks, and with Autumn upon us, the landscape can be just breathtaking…at least for these So. Cal natives. I have been just in awe of how beautiful leaves can be when they’re, well, dying (I have been trying to figure out some deep meaning in that, but don’t feel like putting forth the effort to complete my philosophical thought 🙂 ). I have wanted so badly to head out on an Autumn leaves picture taking extravaganza, but haven’t managed to do so, and may have missed the chance for some good pictures. But, here a glimpse of some of the EverGREEN State’s fall colors in our neighborhood.

Of course, I had to give Abby a little lesson on the seasons…well, she learned how to say "leaf" anyhow.


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  1. Hard to believe those are real! The colors are so brilliant, and each one unique…amazing! Even a short stroll down the street, can be a wonderfully exciting learning lesson for Abby’s appreciation of GOD’s art.

    Thank you for sharing..and am crazy over the flickr pics! that shirt dress and of course the RED TENNIES, ARE THE BOMB!

    so sweet and always looked forward to seeing.

    G. Dell

  2. Beautiful. So are the leaves. Tell me, did Abby pick those herself?
    You can tell that she is smiling behind the Nook.
    What a sweetie, who takes after her mom!!!
    Love you

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