a blustery day


Halloween in our neck of the woods started off like any normal year…pouring down rain. But, I’m not kidding, right around the time all the little kiddos were getting their costumes on, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and it was gorgeous. We even got to see a beautiful rainbow (one of the full-arch ones!).

Our church took part in the annual trick-or-treat event at the Mill Creek Town Center. We partnered with the Young Chefs Academy, The Spotted Cow, and the Town Center Forum to bring cooking lessons, coffee and cocoa, and classic Halloween movies to the masses. It was a great event, and the perfect place to let our little Pooh Bear walk around and enjoy the sights. While it was nearing Abby’s bedtime, we realized what a blessing it was that her costume was "stuffed with fluff", cause she was stumbling all over the place. Here are some pics from last night. (The rest can be downloaded from the web gallery.)


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  1. What a wonderful life! Sweet Abby’s brain must be so full of happy thoughts at the end of each day. You are a family who truly enjoys life to the fullest! Keep it up!

  2. Oops…I commented on the wrong post. I commented on the one below this one! Sorry. This blog site is set up differently than blogspot.

  3. What can I say….?????? i wish i could have been a part of this sweet event!…never saw a more wonderful event for children and their parents…Dean, you make a mean scarecrow…!

    I loved every moment of it and I read everything and I am living it from afar…

    The cutest little pooh bear ever…! so sweet and so loving every moment of the great things you all partake in!

    God loves you and bles you all!


    g. dell

  4. So fun…with her stripeady legs, she looks like Tigger dressing as Pooh..:) She is just adorable and you know I am partial to pooh. She is pretty good on those little striped legs.


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