grocery shopping


We spent a few hours of our family day at the Mill Creek Town Center. We ate some yummy lunch at Central Market, and then did some shopping. Well, actually, Abby did some shopping.


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  1. Precious as can be!….Erin, you must be having a blast with her on these outings.! and you also, son…!

    Her little outfits are just adorable..and I LOVE the sweater on the flickr.

    My heart and love are with you all…Abby, you are so awesome!

    Grandma Dell xoxo

  2. Abby could have confused this with being at
    Disneyland, don’t you thinkg?

    Oh, she is such a little grown up…I cannot get over her confidence in a setting such as that already..

    What a wonder-xoxoxoooxxo

    secret admirer!

  3. Thank you inventor of the IPHONE!…..the best invention ever! cell phones with camera features..! How great for all of us!

    Josh, I believe you capture the best of the best each time i see these priceless photos.

    This was so precious but also hilarious at how serious she was with her selections! I am pretty much thinkin’ there were alotof “chips” in that baset, eh? ha ha..

    loving Abby!

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