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I don’t have too much to say, but I just came from my MOPS gathering, and am feeling more and more blessed each time I get together with these fellow moms. There is something so uplifting about being in a room with women who are at exactly the same place that I am in their journey . . . a little tired, wondering who God created them to be as women . . . not just as moms, and completely in love with their young children.

I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical about the idea of really being able to connect with strangers in what I thought would be a Women of Faith-ish, hold hands and sing, type atmosphere. But, to my delight, everyone runs a little late, everyone looks a little tired, and nobody cares. That’s great for this girl who attended more than a few college classes in her jammies.

To my friends who read my blog, and who I get to see at MOPS every other Tuesday morning, I have been so blessed by getting to know you. To any new/expecting moms that happen to stop by here, I would highly encourage you to check into a local group . . . oh, and not all of them meet in the mornings. BUT, in case you find yourselves with a few free hours on Tuesday mornings, the mommies at Faith Fellowship in Mill Creek would LOVE to have you join them 🙂 .


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  1. I know that those mommies are very blessed to have Abby’s mommy as part of their group. I know baby that you add a lot of encouragement for these ladies. And this mommy is also blessed to have you as a daughter.
    Love, Momma

  2. MOPS was the 1st place I ever “left” my boys as babies other than with family. I had some great times with other Mom’s and had a very difficult, teary time when my boys outgrew it. Maybe when my boys are a little older and able to be home alone, I will find the local MOPS group and volunteer so I can get my baby holding fix! I am so glad you found this wonderfully, supportive group. It was one of the best parts of my infant/preschool Mommy years and I would highly recommend it to any Mom’s of little ones.

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