The other day, Abby had her 15-month check-up with her fabulous doctor. While there were no shots in store for this day, Abby definitely associates pain with a trip to the doc, and from the moment we stepped foot in the room, she was scared out of her mind. She SCREAMED when the nurse took her measurements. We got to her to calm down and play with some toys in the room while waiting for her doctor, but she was, by no means, relaxed. Her whole body was shaking, even as she was walking around the room and handing us toys. Finally, the doctor came in, and we had to endure one of the saddest cries from our little girl that we have heard in a long time. Still too young to understand that there were NO SHOTS today, we just had to keep telling her things were alright and keep snuggling her.

There was one redeeming thing about the morning though. Our nurse who has been with Abby since she was 2 days old asked to give her a sugar-free lollypop. I was concerned, not knowing if she was too young for hard candy. But Abby proved that, apparently, lollypop consumption is a natural developmental step, like crawling and walking. She yanked that thing from the nurse’s hand, and began licking away, as if she’s known what to do for years. It was hilarious. She didn’t try to bite the candy once, just held it in her shaky little hand, licking away for a half hour.

Hopefully, from this point on, she will have something positive to associate with her trips to the doctor.


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  1. I am going to stock up on lollipops for after Noah’s surgery. The aftercare part will be a nightmare and I am hoping a few suckers will distract him just a bit.

    Cute pic of Abby!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmm….brings a thought to mind…so if little ones get lollipops for being good at the doctor; does it follow that adults get “sees” candy???????

    Just thinkin’! First of all, can I say how much I love your sweater???? Abby, where do you get your out of this world outfits!…
    Oh, Dahling, to die for!..

    and, Give the doctor and nurse something a little “stronger” for their valiant attempts!!!!

    love the Abs!

  3. I have to echo Grandma A…my first observation was that great sweater! Too cute and such a big girl in it!!! I’ll have to remember the lollipop tip for Carter…your description of Abby sounds all to familiar!

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