mall santa


Since last year’s Santa was not available, we brought Abby to visit with mall Santa. We didn’t know how she would react, and were completely surprised by how comfortable she felt with Santa. Granted, there was no smiling involved, in spite of the two goofy parents standing behind the camera…singing, peek-a-booing, squeaking toys. In fact, "Santa" joked with us about their being a camera installed in the Christmas tree behind him, just to capture the parents’ antics. Still, she was pretty relaxed and almost looked like she could take a nap. It was a memory we won’t soon forget and look forward to placing two precious babies on his knees next year.

(BTW-Abby’s cousin visited with a Santa in Cali recently. Check it out…twin brothers maybe?)


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  1. OHMYGOSH!!! Erin, I do believe those may be twin brother santas! Or…is it possible?????? there really IS a santa??? hmmmmmmm….and all this time….!

    Abigail wasn’t in hog heaven, but sat there like the little lady she is and was very stoic!
    Very adorable…

    thank you for sharing….Can’t wait until Friday!


    G. dell

  2. Kaeden has the same reaction when he goes to see santa. Just sits there like we are all crazy wondering who the crazy man in red is 🙂

  3. Abby is getting so big–and SO cute! I hope we get to meet her some day. =)

    The Christmas card we sent came back to us. Can you send us your new address?

    Hope you had a fun trip!

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