happy new year!


Hello Friends and Family-

Its been so very long since I’ve posted and there’s so much to share…but I won’t do that today. Due to a lack of space on my hard drive, I have to remove a ton of pictures (of Abby) to make room for all of the pictures (of Abby) we took on our trip home. I will tell you I am working on it, and hope to be posting daily soon. Josh and I also had a wonderful Christmas gift in the form of an amazing ultrasound that I can’t wait to share, so keep checking in.

For now, Happy New Year from the Wills and looking forward to getting the posts and comments going soon.


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  1. That’s wonderful you got to see an ultrasound! Will you be finding out the sex? If so, when do you find out? I’m thinking a boy this time!
    Happy New Year!
    Carolyn, Josh and Ava

  2. Happy 2009, to the “Wills” !!!!

    Love the vintage photo of the New Year’s Ball!

    But More than THAT….loved our Christmas celebration and the little blessing on the way!

    Thank you for all that you bring to our lives!

    G. Dell

  3. Whoa!!! Let me clarify. There was only one baby on the ultrasound. I just meant that we had a great ultrasound tech, the picture was clear as can be, and we got a 3D ultrasound in the midst of our time. That’s all. I’ve had a few CRAZY friends who were wondering if there was more than one more Williams baking in the oven. Oh my, NO!!!

  4. Come on! It would be Fantastic news! Two new Williams babies…how wonderful! (for everyone besides the poor sleep deprived parents and older sister!) Can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or girl!

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