white elephant


Since I am SO behind on posts and pictures, I thought I’d start with a few weeks back. We started our Christmas celebrations with a gathering at our home. Some of our musician friends and family came over for a dessert party/white elephant gift exchange/annual viewing of the "classic" . . . Christmas Vacation. Thanks, Carrie, for the pictures!!!

Here’s Abby helping me pick my number.

Erinn is opening her goody . . . I believe it was a used light bulb.

Taryn shaking her "gift".

Josh opening his vintage Victor record with Luke and Ken looking on. The wonderful givers didn’t know we actually had a Victrola. Awesome!

John, showing off one of the coveted gifts . . . enema anyone?

This Dick Cheney mask has made an appearance for a couple of years. Notice how I am holding it . . . masks are creepy!

Matt makes a great model.

It was a great night with some wonderful friends. Thanks everyone for the goodies and the laughs!!!


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  1. Looks like it was a blast!…Abby chimed right in there!

    So nice to see happy little get togethers..makes my heart all fuzzy inside!

    You have such wonderful friends up there..how could it miss????

    Thank you for sharing…we are loving anything you can share!


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