stumpo and williams family christmas


While we were home for Christmas, we were so blessed to be able to see so much of our family in the short time we were there. We were also able to celebrate Christmas with both sides of the family, eat LOTS and LOTS of good food (which we are missing so much right now), and get completely spoiled.

Our first Christmas was with Josh’s family at Grandma Yolly’s house. This was one of the things we were so looking forward to, since this is where Josh grew up celebrating most of his Christmas. And we weren’t disappointed. Even though it wasn’t Christmas day, the family rolled out the red carpet for us, making it feel just like Christmas. Grandma’s house was decorated to a tee, complete with Abby-size snowmen that our little one couldn’t get enough of. We enjoyed Yolly’s famous pasta (which some of our WA friends have gotten to experience) and cookies, and long to have some of that goodness right now!!!

No, not all of our time was spent eating (while that would have been fine with us). Josh and I had probably one of the funnest Christmas "mornings" ever as we watched our little girl play, laugh, and interact with her family, whom we love so much. It was a time we will never forget.

Abby enjoying her Great Grandma…and Great Grandma’s pasta.

Playing with Grandma Dell.

The ladies…

Abby and Great Aunt Marianne.

The brothers.

Jammy time!

Great Uncle Phil and his "Punchinella".

Our little elf with Uncle Cam and Aunt Lacy.

Can’t wait till the next time we can celebrate and "mangia" with the family again. (Pardon my Italian-glish…I tend to stick out like a pale, sore thumb with this side of my family, so maybe if I try to SOUND Italian…) Love to you all!


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  1. What a beautiful family Christmas and it looks like smiles from ear to ear were the order of the day! Can’t wait for Jax 1st toddler Christmas! xoxo

  2. omgosh..! WELL, Great Grandma Yolly and Grandma Chubby (okay, stop laughing…said, STOP! ) are here to say thank you for posting our wonderful time together! You can just tell,that our focus was on a little cute little Jailbird!…Thank you Erin and Joshua for sharing these with us. I also Love the ones you love, J….GGYolly and Abby and the BROTHERS! I cried when I looked at that…so touching to my heart!

    Okay…you guys bring so much joy to everyone..we feel blessed and Thankful to God for all of his Greatness and Goodness.

    Great Grandma Yolly says thank you for all of your compliments re: the decorations and food…she enjoyed doing it more than we enjoyed eating it..she says!…She was sooo happy to be with us all together ..short but oh so so sweet!…

    We look forward to seeing the Downings Christmas Photos as well…and the William’s on Christmas morning at your home.

    Love and thank you always,
    GGYOllly, Great Aunt Mary;..G. Dell

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