driving washington


Josh and I had one of the best times driving home from Portland yesterday afternoon. The sky was crystal clear and sunny the whole way home. (Actually, we have had 3 consecutive days of amazing sunshine and our moods are so benefiting from that.) This means that both Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier were with us on our entire journey home. You just can’t drive for 3 hours straight in So. Cal and feel like you’ve stepped into a painting the whole way. Well, we were definitely appreciating where we are living  yesterday.

What made our drive even more fun was that Josh used his trusty phone (which he calls Ivan for some reason) to pull up information on the two mountains and western Washington. So, we got an amazing geography/history lesson on the way home as well.

So, all that to say, we were thankful for the precious winter sunshine, and know that we may not EVER get to see these views again. Summer brings us the sun, but isn’t always as clear as what we experienced yesterday.

(This picture is of Mt. St. Helens taken by a professional…don’t know that we could have captured this considering we were going 75 on the freeway, and on the other side of the mountain 🙂 .)


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