pre-potty training


While Josh and I have no interest in beginning to potty-train our 17-month-old, she has certainly found an interest in potties and other potty paraphernalia.



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  1. The hats…its the hats..that are killing me!! and, they are always color coordinated!…what a fashionesta!

    Sheis VERY curious of the POTTY!..that is perfect, no pressure, just there..and I bet it will no time, she will find it’s full use. She just has “bathroom manners” and did not want to reveal herself! or relieve herself..whichever!

    Such a funny little character!
    love her so much!!!
    great moments in “abby” history!

  2. “Hey, Mom and Dad…don’t you knock when I’m on the potty? What the…?”

    Back in the day, after a “tough gig”, I’d hang around the toilet with my shorts on over my head too!


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