flower power


Never underestimate the power of a Target giftcard. The 3 Wills went to this magical place with a couple of giftcards from the family (thanks guys!), and visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. We ended up with a couple of items that will be permanent fixtures in our little girl’s room for a while. We have never heard her squeal like she did when she saw her gift right after naptime. This brought a couple of sappy parents some real joy!


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  1. Since I don’t have a life, I will be the first one to comment. Oh my gosh, Abby is so cute. She is learning new things every day!!!

  2. This brought me sunshine & flowers on a rainy day.
    And her mod flower outfit was perfect for the occasion.
    I wish I lived closer because I would deliver a fake
    potted geranium with a little watering can to finish
    off the fun! she is a joy to watch and I am so glad
    Grandma Adelle shares her little treasure with me.
    Love to all.
    PS By the way Erin, I don’t know how you pull off still looking so cute with the morning sickness and a kleenex in your nose, but some how you still look cute. No wonder your hubby takes such good care of you. How can he resist?? Feel better soon!


    I don’t think I will ever forget the excited look on her sweet, thankful face and her exuberance walking toward the “flower shoppe” even going throught the window…so happy!

    folks…I’d say you scored big time with this one!!!

    Love always,

  4. Hey! We were just realizing how much Emily is into chairs. She was sitting in all kinds of chairs when we were out shopping. I think I might need to go get one!

    How many months is Abby?

  5. Holy crap! Not even 3 yet, and already the folks want her to have her own place! HA!

    Adorable…how long until she has Zump rearranging the furniture?

    Love youz guyz!


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