freezing family fun


Yesterday, the sun made an appearance after a week of the most bizarre fog I have ever experienced. We are talking THICK, low-lying, can’t see 10 feet in front of you, fog that hung around for a few days. In fact, the air was so thick, that our county was put on a burn ban. This meant that, unless your fireplace was your ONLY source of heat, then you could not light your fire. Josh was having a hard time understanding why we had to be careful about our fire, and when I compared the blanket of fog to one big Dutch Oven, he finally understood 😉 .

All that to say, when we saw the sun come out, we decided to make yesterday our family day, and get out of the house. We chose to have a little picnic at a local park, packed up our food, put on our coats, and headed out. When we left the house, the sun was melting all the ice (yes, ice) off of the trees. However, at some point along the way, the sun just went away…taking with it any semblance of heat. So, we got to the park, ate our food in the car, and tried to brave the FREEZING cold and have a fun family day. I don’t know that Abby realized that her face had actually frozen, because she ran around the park like a little Tasmanian Devil. And, of course, when her parents had had enough of the shooting pain of impending frostbite, Abby was not too happy to leave.

Oh Washington…what are we going to do with you?


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  1. Erin, I LOVE your posts because I learn something new each time you write. BURN BAN..never knew!

    I say you guys get the medal of “BRAVERY” for giving “family day” a shot! It was a little bit out of the CHEVY CHASE VACATION collection!

    Packing the picnic basket and then driving 1 mile to the park …ok, kids…let’s eat!!!

    I have to say, ABBY’s face does define the coined phrase..HER FACE JUST FROZE!! And Josh looked extremely overly exuberated pushing Abby from the side with one hand and hot coffee in the other! again, HIS FACE JUST FROZE!

    With 3 pics total, one with Abby was screaming, picnic lunch in the car, and frozen trees, I’d say this was one of thee most memorable FAMILY days ever!

    ERIN, YOU ROCK!! Remember, suffering builds character…which is why you all are some of the best folks I know!

    Love you all…
    G.Dell..(Huge fan of the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL..WASHINGTON xoxoxo

  2. I tried taking Kaeden to a park last weekend, he had a blast despite the freezing cold, he even wanted to take his coat off! We didn’t stay long, I was ready to brave the cold but the park had the audacity to close their bathroom for the winter…Kaeden wasn’t happy about leaving at all!

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