ready to feel better


This last Thursday, I woke up not feeling too hot. I thought I was just going to have another bad morning sickness day, but it seems that I caught the flu…or food poisoning…at some point. I’ll spare you the yucky details, but I ended up going to the ER on Thursday night. I was really struggling with what to do. A trip to the ER means finding a sitter, receiving a huge bill in a month just when we forgot what we went for, and Josh had to open at Starbucks in the morning. But, after agonizing over it for a while, I was so glad we went. It turns out I was significantly dehydrated, and needed some serious fluids. Not to mention, little baby needed some fluid love as well. The baby’s heart rate was perfect, and I was sent home with more instructions to just keep pounding the Gatorade.

Well, I’m on the mend, but still feeling pretty yucky, and very sore from tossing my cookies so much. So, my blogging may be a little scattered for the next couple weeks. Thanks for reading and Josh and I would love your prayers for a continued healthy (and not so sick) pregnancy.


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  1. I am so sorry you had this incident…let’s pray there are no more!

    Obviously, you made the right decision..your body was telling you something, eh?

    Bring on the fluids and rest, my dear and dear baby.

    Love you

  2. I heard about this yesterday at our Climbers meeting! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You should win an award…being sick, pregnant, and a mother of a 1 year old is very rough. Sounds like going to the ER was the right thing to do. Bless you!

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