can you sprain your nose?


If so, then I have. On two separate occasions over the last week and a half, I have hurt my nose…badly.

The milder of the two incidences involved a fight with George Foreman…or rather, with his grill. (I know, Michael Scott, right?) It occurred while I was exercising my domestic muscles, trying to clean the darn thing. Let me tell you how NOT to do it. While I was carrying it to the sink to scrape the gunk off, I left the lid open (you know, the heavy, cast iron part?) When I lifted it off the counter top, the cord got caught on something, so I lifted it higher and yanked on the whole thing, causing the the lid to fall onto my nose. My world spun for a while and I saw stars for a few seconds, but there was no blood and only a little bruising. Abby was playing in the other room, totally oblivious that I had almost knocked myself out.

The second incident occurred on Thursday morning while Josh and I were snuggling in our bed with our sick, tired little one. At one point, she decided she did NOT want to be in bed with us, and used her head (not her mouth) to tell us. As I was laying on the bed, she lunged backward, fall onto my face. I will tell you, this hurt twice as much as my grill incident. She was startled by my holler, and began to cry immediately, and I just knew that there was blood gushing all over. Well, again, there wasn’t, but this time there was swelling, and dog-gone-it, my nose hurts!!! It certainly doesn’t help that I am still nursing a cold and needing to blow it every 10 minutes.

Well, I’m not going to post a picture of my face (Josh keeps telling me its not that bad…what a dear). But I will leave you with a little pic. Aren’t I intimidating?


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  1. ERIN….. I am so sorry ….that hurts so m uch…you did not break anything, did you??? that pan is really heavy…

    You are such a humble and adorable person to share life’s not so great moments with all of us!

    You crack me up, but also I am concerned if you are okay..!

    babies and pans!!! what to do with them!!!


  2. You have the best inherited nose in the family. Most of the abberations of our noses were from falling off of horses or motorcycles. Your face is beautiful. If your nose get’s messed up by a daughter or a son???

  3. Office fan in the house right HERE! Yea, yea, Yeah!!! (Ok,that was lame I know, but you know it made you shake your head and laugh!)

    Anywho, I was cracking up readin your story about your poor nose. I really am sorry! 😦

    I WASN’T expecting to scroll down and see that GREAT picture! Good times! Love you!

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