do you hear that?


I woke up around 5am with a companion in bed with me (other than my husband). Tinnitus. Could be a sinus infection. Could be a result of pregnancy. Could be that my thyroid has reared its ugly head again. Could be I am heading to the doctor today if the ringing doesn’t stop soon. Its almost deafening.

Has anyone else dealt with this before? 


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  1. sadly for you, yet another wonderful side effect; but the picture above is quite hilarious and I feel quite expressive of the torture this is providing you at this time.

    OYE! Pregnancy is such a joyous time…for everyone but MAMA! just kidding…but we all sympathize with your challenges on this wonderful journey to ZACH TOWNE!

    Love you with prayers as always….

    Please take great care…I know you are!…how can you miss with Abigail feeding you CHEETO’s!!!! that was precious and also very much like “force feeding”…! She loves to please her parents…I hope that always stays in one form or another..and GOD bless her heart!

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