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(NOTE: Grandparents, this post is NOT about Abby.)


I don’t know about you but sometimes my "creative tank" is just about empty. Everybody gets filled up in different ways and at different rates. There are times when I can recharge quickly, and other times it takes me a while. On any note, seeing something like this gets my juices flowin’. What an amazingly creative idea and execution. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

{ht: Zak White}


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  1. Wow. That is amazing. The stop motion is great. They made it totally fit the story and enage the emotions. There are like a hurdred creative things I’m thinking of now that will never get done…

  2. Joshie……you sure do have the gift of creative thinking and music mixed together…God bless you..this was very beautiful and most thought provoking.

    good job, husband, father, son, brother, nephew, and best friend to all who know you.


    adelaide xoxo

    P.S. I love to see and hear your posts.. You and Erin need to expand your horizons when it comes to reaching others through your words, stories and music.

    so grateful you are using the gifts from GOD…and they are!

  3. erin, let us know how the doctor visit goes, okay? VERY interested in any updates…from heart beat to length of tippy toes!

    Many blessings and love
    g. dell

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