posing babies


I found this picture a while back. Its a picture of me at around 18 months, and I thought it looked a lot like Abby.

I was so excited to share, that I tried to get Abby to pose in a similar fashion, just to show you a comparison of the two of us. Only, when I tried to get Abby to put her finger in her mouth like I was, she ended up sticking her finger into the back of her throat, and started to gag. I found it kind of humorous, so I started laughing. While I was trying to regain my composure, she did it again…and again. I think my career in baby photography started and ended that day.


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  1. WOW, she really had something to say about that, huh? Very cute though. It’s funny how you can think a baby looks like one parent and then see a picture where they are the spitting image of the other. Everyone says Kaeden looks like Neil, but he looks so much like what I looked like at his age…’cept I was bald for a long time!

  2. There is alot of resemblance going on in that picture. Very cute .

    As the stages of growth progress, they take on certain characteristics of each parent…Like Lesalynn said.at times, they look like one parent and then in some other expressions, a spitting image of the other one.

    All in all, a great combination …. lucky Abby!

  3. Erin, I revisited this post and when you started laughing and she found that she made you laugh I was really tickled by that..she loves to please you…..why not keep it going, right?

    That is the best part of the story for me….It was like she was doing what someone does when they are disgusted with something right? finger down the throat like “gag me”…!

    She already appreciates a good laugh and joke which is so great to know….She will be able to not take life too seriously, I hope…..except when it comes to PASTA!!!!!


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