i spy…


I was doing some work upstairs the other day, and I caught Josh and Abby playing outside. I just had to grab the camera and film Josh being such a wonderful daddy. My back was aching for him as he was walking Abby’s bike around in circles. Its so fun to watch the boy of your dreams being a parent!


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  1. sweet , unconditional, back breaking, true LOVE.

    and sweet to know that you, ERIN, see this and appreciate the love.

    God’s blessings on you all! and you too, Zack!

    grandma Dell

  2. I agree my friend! There is nothing better than watching the man you love parenting your child! I am at work and can only see the words, but when I get home I will check out the rest 🙂 Have a good day! (what’s up with the weather???)

  3. P.S. Erin, I appreciate the shout out but there were many members involved with the JOSH AND CAMERON cause!

    I would have to definitely give props to my fa ther, FRANK. He was the best and most gentle; yet strongest man I ever knew.

    and the kids had the luxury of growing up next to their grandparents since Joshie was 6 and cam was 2, until father’s passing..

    AND grandma was no schlump either!

    anyway, God get the glory and I feel fortunate to have been the “catalyst”…


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