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Well, every once in a blog while, I have to share an update on like 3 weeks of life in the Williams household…cause there’s too much good stuff!!!

Abby is going through one of those, "I’m gonna learn more than you can write down" periods right now. Well, I’ll show her!. Here are some of the new things our 18-month-old has picked up:

-When its time to be quiet, she will hold up a finger to her lips, and say, "shhh…ciat". Depending on which hand is available, she may look like she’s giving you the bird. Oh, and she doesn’t quiet know where her lips end and her nose begins…usually her finger ends up in her nose.

-Now, when Abby wants to run around (which is pretty frequently), she will yell, "AGIBO!" at the top of her lungs, which is translated as, "Go, Abby, Go!". She and Josh also have this game called "run" where he will hold onto her arms and run her around the house at adult speed. Her feet only touch the ground about every third step, so she looks like a little gazelle. This is her FAVORITE thing to do right now, and she giggles like crazy.

-Abby has a crush on a little red monster named Elmo. She’s still a little young to watch him on T.V., but noticed him on her diapers a while back. This has worked out well for us. She had been protesting diaper changing time, so we bought her a tiny stuffed Elmo that she can only hold on the changing table, and, for the most part, changing time has been much more peaceful. Of course, once you "go Elmo", you realize that he is EVERYWHERE, and he will be coveted at every store you go into. Little stinker!

-The last month has been a tough one for Josh. His little girl is definitely favoring Mommy right now, which is totally normal. However, for such an involved Daddy, this can be a little heart-wrenching at times. But, this morning when I went in to get Abby from her crib, she was chanting the "Daddy Song" which is "Daddy, Daddy, Da-dy", and when she saw me she laid back down and started to cry. I think the tide is turning…

-Our little girl is really starting to be a girl. As much as I try to focus on gender-neutral parenting (with the exception of her overtly pink wardrobe and room decor 🙂 ), she is now fascinated with all things "pretty". If you tell her ONCE that something is pretty, she will insist on wearing that item again and again. She has also, on her own, decided that pony-tails are "petty" and asks for her hair to be done every day now. And of course, after her "ta-o" is in, she will insist on being held up to the mirror so that she can look at it for a while. Guess I better learn how to do hair…

-I have breathed a big sigh of relief this last week, as I think I’ve discovered that Abby is NOT tone-deaf. This wasn’t a huge concern, but, we enjoy music and singing and were kind of hoping that she would as well. Her favorite songs right now are "Jesus Loves Me", "The ABC’s", and "The Wheels on the Bus". She can only sing a few choice words or phrases from each song, but she sings them, and knows when to change her pitch at the right time. This makes a Mommy proud!

-And the biggest news? Abby no longer drinks from a bottle! This is a big deal, since girlfriend has LOVED her bottle. One day, she just took her straw sippy-cup, and gulped down an entire cup of ice-cold milk…and then asked for more. Yes, this brought both Josh and I to tears. Our baby is getting so big!!!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll have to continue this post another time…don’t wanna give you too many goodies 🙂 Good day!


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  1. Uh-oh—-you have put me to shame. Emily loves Elmo…because she WATCHES him! oops!!! I was such a HUGE stickler about Emily watching tv. I mean, even when she was super young I didn’t want the tv on. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you send her to daycare! To my dismay, I picked her up from daycare and they were watching Sesame Street—it’s been all downhill from there. My girl LOVES Elmo. She will dance once his little “show” comes on. It’s insane! Just wait until you let her watch it—if she’s anything like Emily, it will make you giggle!!!

  2. Oh Jennifer…I should clarify. She’s not old enough for the 1 Elmo movie we have, Elmo in Grouchland. Its scary! I know there are a whole bunch of more age appropriate Elmo movies, that we haven’t begun to tap into. I, too, said that we would not watch TV till she was 2, but, ever since she was 3 months old, we have popped in a Baby Einstein so I could take my shower, or get a little break. 🙂

  3. I LOVED every single word you wrote, Erin. Suffice to say, I am so happy Abby is loving life! KUDOS to you parents! and good friends!!!

    My heart warms and I find m yself with a sore mouth from smiling after I read one of your posts…You have such a talent for descrpition that I can actually visualize each and every little tiny thing..even yours and Josh’s reactions along the way in the life of little Abby!

    Wow…also ahead of her time in bottle weaning….I know she asks for “wadda” an awful lot!..and chugs it with one hand like a sailor!!!! ha ha

    She lifts my life each day and thank you so much for taking time to share. I don’t know what I would do without these posts!

    and without you all!

    Love and laughter from Grandma D.

    P.S. Joshie, that was cool she chanted your name …. kids can melt your heart and break your heart…get ready….


  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I’m weepy. Thinking about my own kids and their different phases of life. (Still going through it.)
    Love you Erin

  5. Elmo was Kaeden’s first tv friend, still loves him! But he, too, had a toy Elmo first. Kaeden songs the Elmo’s World song, very cute! They grow so fast that some times you feel like they are passing stages before you even get used to them…some times good, some times bad! Thanks for sharing! I love your posts, and look forward to hearing about life with the Williams’…ok, mostly the little ones 🙂 Have a great day!

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