neither snow nor rain nor heat…


…will keep us from getting outside to get our wiggles out (pardon the old preschool teacher term 🙂 ). We hopped in the car the other afternoon after Josh got home from work, and went to the park. Are we hard core or what? Actually, it didn’t feel the cold out and the sun felt GREAT!

Josh and I may have had more fun than Abby though. We kind of found ourselves in a vulnerable position on a teeter-totter, and had a case of the giggles. Enjoy!


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  1. OKAY…cannot stop laughing along with you “KIDS”!

    Yes, Josh, you and ERin were definitely having more fun than Abby..

    Did you not hear her say twice in words and then had add the “sign language” for ALL DONE!

    also, Josh, did she look like it was fun? Probably got her sea sick!

    Oh, hilarious!!!

    I could not stop laughing hearing you two go at it!

    bye bye totter!


  2. Aren’t the giggles great? Make you feel good all over! Erin, you look fabulous–so happy you’re feeling better!

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