house guests


On Tuesday night, we had a couple of college student friends from So. Cal come up to visit on their Spring Break. Caryn and Jen asked for a tour of the area from Seattle’s finest. I’m not sure if we are the FINEST, but we sure enjoyed bringing them downtown and to the Seattle Center. Abby was absolutely beside herself, having house guests, who happen to be girls who share her love for talking and ponytails.

While "the gils" were enjoying the Space Needle, we got to take our toddler on her first Fun Forest excursion. This little amusement park, which we have hardly given a second look to in the past, offered us one of our coolest parenting moments to date…Abby’s first ride! We bought some tickets, plopped her on the back of a carousel horsy, and watched her have the time of her life. Josh and I were beside ourselves, both of us a little weepy (I know, out of character for us, right?). We both came to realize that we were entering into a new phase of parenting, with a BIG GIRL now, and are already planning our next Fun Forest adventure. (Check out a Qik video of Abby’s first ride…WARNING: This is not for the faint of stomach…Cyndee 🙂 )

Poor Josh got stuck with the "Dumbo" ride. They were going way too fast to even catch a good picture. Abby kept wanting to go higher…Josh’s face was turning greener with every rotation.

Everyone needs their picture taken in front of the Needle…even if it is the bottom of it.

Thank you, Jen and Caryn, for the fabulous visit, and we look forward to your next Pacific Northwest excursion!


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  1. So wonderful to have friends visit. Abby looks like she felt very very comfortable and having a blast!…She just LOVES people, doesn’t she?

    That makes my heart feel so good and it is important to reach out at any age…God bless her..and her parents for setting the example of the love of friendships.

    the Carousel ride looked amazing…as I remember with m y kids and myself as a child. Always wonderful and memorable!

    Thanks for sharing yet another part of your Days of Our Lives, Washington……!

    Love it

    Erin is here now in so cal…and missing her family already so much and visa versa…BUT, good for growth, appreciation and love in which absence makes the heart grow fonder…as if that is necessary, right J and E?

    Love you all,
    Granma della xo

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