sunday drive


The first half of my trip home was spent visiting, and getting loved on by all sorts of friends and family. The last three days of my trip were spent with my mom on a little getaway. I can’t post the pictures yet from our trip to San Louis Obispo (still working on this lack of hard drive space issue), but I CAN tell you, from the get go, it was GORGEOUS!!! I’ve done this drive from Ventura County to SLO a number of times, but I can’t remember it ever being this beautiful. This was PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) driving at its best.


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  1. Look forward to seeing the other views of one of my most favorite spots in California!

    so happy you got to experience the serenity and beauty that San Luis/apple farm has to offer and most of all spend some one on one time with your mama.

    Doesn’t get better than that…!

    lots of love

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