s.l.o. with m.o.m. (part 2)


From our hotel, we headed up the coast to San Simeon (home to Hearst Castle…you HAVE to visit that some day…incredible!) and Cambria for some more coastal beauty…

This is my "I’m a Little Teapot" pose. Would you believe I actually borrowed my mom’s sunglasses to look cooler? Good grief!

For much of my childhood, I lived within 5 minutes of the Pacific Ocean and a private beach. This was probably my first trip to the coast where I actually appreciated its beauty. Mom thought it was freezing…I was just excited to feel the sand in my toes, and pick up pebbles.

A wave caught mom off guard, so she was pretty much soaked from the knees down…tennies, socks and all.

We had to eat dinner at Linn’s, one of Cambria’s more well-known restaurants, featuring lots of yummy things made with Olallieberries.

Our amazing drive back to the hotel…

Stay tuned for one more (probably boring to you) post on my trip.


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  1. Such beautiful sights, honestly, Erin and Sonja. A great advertisement for SLO! from seaweed to the beautiful sunsets and great eats!

    SLO is a little gem in the mix of jewels….

    so happy you enjoyed your time. xoxoxox Adelle

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